5+ Inspiring Mood Board A Cozy Farmhouse Chic Studio Ideas

You might remember the renovation we did on our old “garage house” almost two years ago when we updated it into a guest house. Since then, my parents have been living in it as they finish off their new home (Mom’s Lake House – read more about that here). This Spring, this mini home is going to be transformed into yet another space… my studio! I’m SO excited to have a space of my very own to do better videography, photography, and DIY projects to share with you. Let me show you the plans!

I’ve chosen the simple, white Boston Bookcases from The Brick as a practical and clean-lined solution to store all of my photography props and accessories in my new studio. They’re inexpensive, so putting a few side-by-side and perhaps adding a bit of trim on them is an affordable and chic storage option. In front of these bookcases, I’m planning to have the Calistoga Writing Desk facing out into the main area of the studio. I’ve always dreamed of having an outwards-facing desk, and this one has the perfect lines for the job! It has a farmhouse chic appeal, and I love solid pine furniture like this for its ability to last a long time.

The final large piece in my studio will be the Paris Loveseat in Ocean. I adore our Paris Sectional in our home with its modern lines, sturdy frame and traditional tufting, so I thought a mini version in my studio would be ideal! Plus, this teal colour is my favourite colour in the world and I’m excited to have it for comfort and as a fun photo and video prop. I’m even thinking of keeping the kitchen cabinets in the studio and painting them a deep shade of teal too. Wouldn’t that be fun?!

What do you think of this farmhouse chic feel with a colourful twist?

Stay tuned as I begin work on this exciting space!

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Tisha Jean