42+ Stunning Minimalist Industrial Apartment Ideas

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When you’re planning to reconstruct your house, you might want to first enrich your reference about the style and concept you want to apply. All those references should meet all requirements you and your family need, so that you’ll have your dream house.

As an additional reference, today we will review this project of an apartment in Berlin. Take a look at the details, and get inspired.

The Project
The project that focused on changing the interior style of this apartment in West Berlin was done by a young designer named Santiago Brotons. Before examining the inside of the apartment, here’s how the building looks from outside. The classic style and beautiful environment are two things that really represent the appearance of this residence. The identical look of the exterior provokes Santiago to slightly change the appearance of one of the apartment rooms in this building. The room has a total area of 320 square-meter. Some areas that received the most significant changes included five bedrooms, a work space, a modern kitchen, two bathrooms, and beautiful terrace on the upper floor.

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Tisha Jean