40+ Comfy Small Family House Built On A Small Budget

The price of buying and renting a house have skyrocketed. This situation forces us to be creative in terms of housing allocation. The following house project is one perfect example of an affordable house. This three-storey house stands in the middle of a densely populated city, but this condition doesn’t prevent the house residents from getting comfort. How could it be?

Let’s review together the design by M Atelier, A Japanese architectural firm.

A Small Three-Storey House
The land area of this building is about 66 square-meter, while the building area is about 33 square-meter. On the first floor, there are a bedroom and bathroom for the couple, the living room is on the second floor, while the children’s rooms are on the third floor.
This house coincides with the neighbors’ houses, but the outer wall was designed so that the residents of the house can stay safely and comfortably. This tiny house has perfect rooms in it. There’s also a balcony as a place to relax in an open air.

image source : pinterest.com

Tisha Jean